The company provides comprehensive services for receiving, handling, storage and delivery (shipment) of early and late (winter and spring) crops, including:

in the future

Important and responsible task of the enterprise is to preserve not only the quantity but also the quality of the received grain. Therefore, grain silos before laying to thoroughly inspect, sorted, cleaned of impurities and dried. It is important to prevent unwanted contact with the wet and very odorous or toxic agents, prevention of pests and diseases, thus minimizing the possibility of damage to the crop. Understanding the importance and strategic value of the grain, the company responsible attitude to the timely and effective implementation of preventive measures to ensure that the main objectives to not only the quantity but also the quality:

  • continuous monitoring of temperature and relative humidity;
  • periodic monitoring of the status and quality of crops stored in the specified time on the basis of:
    • temperature of the grain mass;
    • grain moisture;
    • signs of pests;
    • smell;
    • color;
    • other indicators of quality, standardized national standards or agreements;
  • results status and quality of grain recorded in laboratory journals and Stockpile labels on established forms