The company provides comprehensive services for receiving, handling, storage and delivery (shipment) of early and late (winter and spring) crops, including:


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Grain mass that entered the territory of the enterprise goes through a series of control measurements and surveys, consisting of relevant acts and supporting documents for the batch of grain. Then there is the proof grain flows to basic conditions by careful handling by separators and drying grain dryers. Liability company is the optimum and efficient approach to portfolio:

  • when cleaning the grain:
    • of sampling of cereals parties directed to purification, analysis of the number and nature of impurities (vazhkovidokremlyuvani impurities, cultural and other seed plants, grains damaged main crop, etc.);
    • registration card grain analysis on the appropriate form and execution order in the prescribed form for the party cereal to clean it;
    • determine the required set of sieves for sieve air separators, disc size cells (drums) Trier
    • control efficiency for grain cleaning process equipment by analyzing grain quality before and after the machine;
    • determining quality of treated waste shipment of grain and determine and record the results in the laboratory journal;
    • control the export of grain from the territory of the third category of waste composition and their destruction;
  • drying grain:
    • determine the moisture content of grain and preparing parties by drafting instructions for drying grain in the prescribed form;
    • periodic temperature control zones for drying agent and control for the dried grain darkened and toasted grains;
    • analyzing the quality of the grain after drying, preparation for acts defined format and transfer the material responsible person for action provided for in Regulation.