Rye flour made from rye intended for? Manufacture of bakery and confectionery products.
Rye flour contains many healthy substances. Rye bread has long been considered the basis of nutrition Ukrainian cuisine. In many countries bread with rye flour is considered a dietary product. The composition of rye flour is increasing number of proteins containing essential amino acids than wheat flour. Rye flour gluten does not form as that used in the mixture of wheat flour.
Flours vary in the extent and content of bran flour. The company produces and sells flour, rye bakery. It contains a large amount of dietary fiber, vitamin E, A, and essential vitamins B and PP, iron, zinc. It is especially rich in silica, phosphorus and selenium.
Sold in bags of 25, 45 lbs.? Bilist: at least 6 cu? Humidity: 15%? The number of fall: at least 150 seconds