The production processes of the enterprise is a complex primary processes: core, support and service business units, ensuring timely issuance of specified products and provide quality services. It is based on three main areas:

  • Harvesting activities
  • Flour production
  • Packing and shipping the finished product.

Harvesting activities. The company operates the elevator was put into operation in 1983 with a total capacity of 61.3 tons. Tons., Prymlynovoho type: M3h175 with a daily capacity of receiving grain:

  • wheat - 4,000 tons
  • on corn - to 3,000 tons

Actual daily productivity unloading of rail transport is about 2000 tons. To ensure efficient drying of grain dryers are two "MATNEWS COMPANY» made ​​in USA that provides the following daily amounts of drying:

  • wheat - 2500 pl.t.
  • corn with moisture content 28 - 30 (%) to 1,000 tons.

Process Control unloading, cleaning, moving, drying, shipping is done automatically with the remote control system. Monitoring the quality preservation of grain silos is via remote control of temperature (thermometry) connected to the computer system of the elevator. Conducting activities and quality services for operations with grain conducted in accordance with the Technical Regulations grain composition, as evidenced by the "Certificate Services to store grain and its products."

Flour production. The study of modern technologies and operating principles of the world's leading firms of flour allowed specialists to implement enterprise best practices forming grinding parties and get "excellent" quality parameters of wheat flour at the mill 3 sortnoho 75% grinding processing capacity of 120 tons. Days and 87% rye lines grinding capacity of processing 30 tons. daily. 
Generated with flour grinding department sent in bulk storage warehouse for storage and shipment.

Packing and shipping the finished product.

  • flourcars download up to 30 tons;
  • pouring flour in polypropylene bags of 50 kg.
  • pouring rye flour in polypropylene bags of 45 kg.

In 2013 commissioned packing section, which established the current filling-packaging machine ITALPAK 100 1DVC. Operational Performance - 4000-4200 kg / h. The line consists of packaging machines and apparatus for wrapping in paper bags thermo 1 kg in quantity 10pcs (spike). Further, the accumulation of 700 kg of products consists solderings on euro pallets and wrapped with foil on your mobile pallets ECOSPIR ELC / SX. 
For quantifying the raw material entering and dispensing of raw materials and finished products in 2008 established road weight capacity of 60 tons., And 40 tons. Equipped with high-precision strain gauges and accessories company «Simens» and then connected to the digital system records.