Production Laboratory is a unit of the company that provided modern equipment, measuring equipment and standard documentation. Functional distribution departments of the laboratory:

  • Grain - control receiving, storage and shipment
  • Analytical - control of technological processes of grain
  • Test - the practical properties of flour

Grain laboratory provides sampling of raw materials from vehicles using modern sampler «Rakoraf».

The function of grain laboratory is not only a determination of when receiving grain, but also a thorough tracking and quality inspection during the cleaning, drying, measures to ensure stable grain mass storage. Conducted sampling and determination of quality parameters in the preparation of preconceived milling blends of processing, shipping and rail cars.

Analytical laboratory control workflow processing wheat and rye flour, ensuring optimal performance equipment lines of wheat and rye flour; conducts sampling and examination of finished products; controls a lot packed products. Equipped with all the necessary equipment for measuring quality.

The test laboratory provides the definition of baking and pastry flour properties by holding mock vypichok bread in modern furnaces «MIWE» by regulations and regulatory documents. Taki experiments to monitor and effectively manage the process of the mill and meet the demands of consumers flour.

Laboratory of PJSC «Exactly - Meal" is certified to carry out the above measurements, the Ukrainian State Centre for Standardization and Certification "Ukragrostandartsertifikatsiya."