It is known that in the 1941-42 biennium based on the existing mill was founded State Enterprise "Zagotzerno." In the 40 years the company is listed as SE "Mill №1». In 1967-1969 he was based here that the former Old Mill, was built on three floors of production into separate independent columns and silos for grain and crude composition of bulk storage capacity of 500 tons of flour. Equipped with ultra-modern new mill at the time the process equipment with capacity 295 tons. daily processing of wheat, and built a grain elevator capacity 60tys. tone. In 1997 the existing company placed under the authority of "Rivne CBP. And March 29, 2001 was established JSC «Exactly-Meal" at the JSC "Rivne Plant of bread."

A brief chronology of the key points of the company: 
2001 - established gage car weight (40 tons)

2001 - established a system of thermometry elevator "INOVIN"

2002 - conducted technical reconstruction of flour production and computerized management and control processes of flour using equipment and software by SIEMENS

2003 - established line of rye milling capacity of 40 tons per day

2006 - carried out major reconstruction elevator 2006 - established dryer «Mathews Company» (USA)

2007 - modernized technological scheme elevator 2008 - established gage car weight (60 tons)

2009 - established grain sampler «Rakoraf»

2011 - the company re-registered in JSC «Exactly-Meal"

2012 - established a second dryer «Mathews Company» (USA)

2013 - established for filling line «ITALPACK» (Italy) productivity per hour 4t

2014 - carried out major reconstruction of the administrative building, grain laboratory and analytical research facility with the installation of modern equipment of leading world companies.